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Unholy matrimony (and the

‘ridiculous sect’ called Spiritualism)

The beautiful White EagleLodge Temple in Hampshire offers Spiritualist weddings.

The beautiful White EagleLodge Temple
in Hampshireoffers Spiritualist weddings.

The topic of same-sex marriages rumbles on. It’s reported that MPs are considering whether or not humanist weddings should be given legal status.

Humanism, a movement based on ‘reason and humanity’ rather than religion, has around 40,000 followers in Britain. Some 600 humanist weddings are carried out each year in England and Wales.

For these unions to have legal validity the couples must additionally be married by a registrar. The possibility that this would not be necessary under new legislation is ringing alarm bells rather than wedding bells.

“Where is it all going to stop?” some Tories ask. They maintain that such an amendment would “dilute” the institution of marriage by allowing other “ridiculous sects” to marry couples.

Spiritualism is apparently included in the category of “ridiculous sects”.

The argument is that if legislation is passed in favour of gay marriage and legalised humanist marriages, it will be impossible to stop other sects going to court to claim the same power on grounds of discrimination.

Quoting from “a Government Source” the MailOnline reports: “Marriage is hugely important and binds families and society together. We believe allowing same-sex couples to tie the knot will strengthen marriage by making it more relevant to modern society.”

‘Government Source’ then goes on to reveal an astonishing lack of homework (and use of capital letters) by saying, “In Scotland there have already been pagan marriages, white eagle lodge marriages and the spiritualists union…”
So delighted was “Government Source” with this revelation that he repeated it, slightly amended: “In Scotland, where humanist weddings have been legal since 2005, marriages have also been solemnized by the Spiritualists National Union, the Pagan Federation and a faith healing group called the White Eagle Lodge.

Jedi Knights
Jedi Knights


“Proposals such as this, which seek to undermine and dilute the institution of marriage by creating a two-tier system are ridiculous. We have a fundamentally different marriage system to the one in Scotland, and while they may be open to pagans, spiritualists [small ‘s’] and Jedis [capital ‘J’] conducting marriages, we are not.”

Surely our government should be told what is going on beyond those green benches, and that Spiritualist marriages have taken place south of the Border for years. Also, Spiritualism is not “a ridiculous sect”. It is a recognised religion.

Lib Dem MP Stephen Williams told MPs that humanists carry out more weddings in England and Wales than Quakers or Unitarians. The new proposals would give them the same legal footing as Jews and Quakers, who can marry couples anywhere, not just in a designated building.

He said: “The big difference is that they do not have legal force, which means that people who have had a humanist wedding and enjoyed their special day together in front of family and friends, subsequently have to attend the register office and go through another ceremony, otherwise they have no legal protection.”

As for the legitimacy of Spiritualism, SNU Minister Judith Seaman has this to say:

“Spiritualism is not, as is commonly known, a sinister cult movement in a darkened room to ‘call up the dead’, but an officially recognised religion with its own churches and ministers, who possess the same rights and privileges as [those of] other religions.”

If you have views on the designation of Spiritualism as “a ridiculous sect”, why not share them with the editor of the MailOnline by writing to: Associated Newspapers Limited, Northcliffe House, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5TT or emailing: 

The Spiritualist Society of Athens "The Divine Light" – en.divinelight.org.gr


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