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Louisa Earth Angel underneath Manchester psychic wanted billboard

PSYCHIC Louisa Earth Angel underneath Manchester 'psychic wanted' billboard 


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  ‘Psychic wanted’ poster upsets medium

A MANCHESTER clairvoyant has expressed dismay at a billboard advertisement which appears to be a joke against mediumship.

      TISABEL EDEN “We deserve respect like any other religion.”
ISABEL EDEN “We deserve respect
like any other religion.”

Isabel Eden described the poster as “disrespectful” after an image of the advert went viral on social media.

The sign invited applications from psychics, but the unknown individual who arranged it included no contact information, claiming that a genuine medium would know where to apply.

“The mystery man contacted signage company Mandoe Media and forked out an unspecified amount for the advert to go live near a busy commuter route,” said Sophie Norris in the Manchester Evening News.

The poster read, “Psychic wanted – you know where to apply.” Ms Norris added, “Puzzled passersby on Fairfield Street have been left scratching their heads at the cryptic ad and why their services are needed.” Steve Baxter, from Mandoe Media, said “We were contacted by an individual to place this advert seeking a psychic.

“Initially we thought it was a joke, but the individual explained they were deeply serious and wanted to find a genuine psychic.

“They felt the best way to do that would be to put out a ‘Psychic wanted’ advert with no contact information because a good psychic would know exactly when, where and how to contact them.

“It wasn’t made clear exactly why they were in need of a psychic. Maybe they had been swindled by a fake psychic in the past or perhaps they want clarity on their future. We don’t know.

“We are seriously invested in this experiment. It would be incredible if it actually works.” Mr Baxter said that for obvious reasons, the person behind the advertisement wished to keep their identity hidden.

The advert was shared on social media around the world, attracting a variety of comments such as “I knew this was happening” and “A real psychic wouldn’t need a sign.” However, one social media user pointed out that the same joke appeared on Mrs Brown’s Boys TV sitcom ten years ago. A Facebook post with the same advert is still available on the show’s appreciation page.

The billboard message appears in large white text in front of a dark background and is displayed next to a lime-green triangle.

Some have suggested the triangle is a clue that Mandoe Media is behind the advert as a publicity stunt, as its logo includes a triangle in its centre.

LOUISA EARTH ANGEL “I give messages to people all around the world, including celebrities and people in politics.”  
LOUISA EARTH ANGEL “I give messages to people all around
the world, including celebrities and people in politics.”

Manchester-based medium Isabel Eden, who uses the name Angel Spiritme on Facebook, wrote “Psychics, clairvoyants and mediums won’t be tested. We are not a phone book or a Google map. We deserve respect like any other religion.

“It takes trust and respect as well as a spiritual belief... asking angels to flap their wings is just as disrespectful.” She ended her comment “But I for one do hope you find solace, peace and respect. Namaste Paul!” When Psychic News contacted Isabel to ask why she picked the name Paul, she said “I’m a spiritual reader. I don’t know who the person was, but as soon as I finished writing my comment the name Paul came to mind.

“I just get fed up with how we are scorned and not taken seriously. If other religions or beliefs got the same treatment, there would be discriminative consequences.” Isabel added “I have always had the ‘Just knowing’ ability since I was around twelve years old.

“In my twenties, I used to work on my friends, seeing images and visions. I did more for other people when in my early thirties.

“At that time I worked as a media teacher in high school until I retired due to ill-health and have been reading for people ever since.” Isabel runs the website spiritme.co.uk which says “Let me take you on a spiritual journey to find who you are and what you need to do to succeed in life.

“On the way, we will clear paths of negativity and doubt to find your true meaning and purpose.

“Find the direction to true happiness and align with your higher self. Be who you are meant to be. Do what you are meant to do.” Isabel offers consultations over the phone and online, and face-to-face sittings in her reading room or a home visit by prior arrangement.

Isabel said that every time she advertises her services, it attracts “rubbish jokes and insults.” The giant “Psychic wanted” billboard is rented out by 75 Media Ltd of Leeds. Sales Director Joe Lawson told Psychic News that the cost would be £425.00 plus VAT for two weeks.

Mr Lawson confirmed it is the same site that Sheffield-based Mark Rofe used in January 2020 to advertise himself looking for a date.

This was so successful that Mark received more than 2,000 applications and raised £153.00 in donations, which he topped up to £200.00 and gave to the charity Cancer Research UK.

A medium from Warrington, Cheshire, believes that everything happens at the right time, so there is a reason why the advert was placed.

      ISABEL EDEN “I just get fed up with how we are scorned and not taken seriously.”
ISABEL EDEN “I just get fed up with how we are scorned
and not taken seriously.”

Louisa Palin-McNamee, who offers guidance under the name of Louisa Earth Angel, always advises, “Believe and you will receive.” She told told Psychic News “I’m a fourth generation psychic. My mother is my guide in Spirit. I give messages to people all around the world, including celebrities and people in politics.

“About 400 people sent me a message about the billboard. I had to go and find it, and stand in front of it.

“I had an energy connection with the board. Even if it’s fake, I believe there is a reason why that person has done it. The intention behind doing that has created an energy.” Louisa “was determined to stand in front of the billboard be it fake, fable or fortune. I’m so excited. It was giving me a message.” The medium runs louisaearthangel.com and has more than 4,000 subscribers to her newsletter. As well as offering spirit messages, she hosts courses, retreats and business coaching sessions.

“We’ve contacted the billboard people and been in touch with a daily newspaper,” said Louisa, “but have held back from taking it further just now due to the loss of Her Majesty the Queen.

“The person who placed the advert will find out it’s me and contact me if they need me.” Louisa said that although the Queen’s passing is sad for many people, “When somebody so significant and great passes, it reminds us of our own losses.” On the question of making jokes about Spiritualism, Louisa said that if people “ask me for Lottery numbers, I’m pleased they’re having a laugh.

“People in Spirit have a sense of humour. They don’t lose that when they pass over.”

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