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Diamonds, bunting and the AFC’s best-kept secret

  Paul Brereton-DOUBLE
    Medium Paul Brereton

Medium Paul Brereton has given an outstanding demonstration of survival at the Arthur Findlay College, in Stansted, writes Sue Farrow.

The demonstration, which formed part of the regular Wednesday evening service, was given to a near-full congregation in the college sanctuary as part of the annual Senior Citizens’ Week organised by the SNU’s Fund of Benevolence whose chairman is SNU honorary president Eric Hatton.

Paul has been in development for many years but, under the guidance of Doreen Elston, a wise and experienced teacher now in her eighties, was not allowed to step onto a platform until he knew how to do his job properly.

Over the years I have written many times that mediums are born, not made. However, even those with an evident natural ability are in need of thorough development in the hands of someone who truly knows what they are doing. In Doreen, Paul was fortunate enough to find such a person as his mentor and tutor, and it shows in his mediumship.

He also has another quality which in my opinion is far too often missing in platform mediums – humility. His only desire is to serve spirit and to help people. He is almost alarmingly uninterested in money and instinctively shies away from praise when it’s offered.

In a demonstration lasting about 50 minutes he gave contacts to seven people, all delivered with fluency (sometimes at high speed!) and compassion. Afterwards, I spoke with three of Paul’s recipients, all of whom were delighted with the level of evidential detail he conveyed to them.

Names, causes of passing, significant family anniversaries, a communicator’s cherished memories of his animals, a suicide, a pet name, details of a funeral and precise physical descriptions of spirit communicators – all were accepted without hesitation.

Pat Burten, from Sunderland, was one fortunate recipient of an evidential message. She told Psychic News:

“My father used to refer to me as his ‘diamond’ – and Paul came to me saying he saw a lot of diamonds.

“Paul also brought my Nana and described her – little, very active, always laughing and helping people. He said she would get on the table and dance; she was very sociable. He added that she was pleased I am doing my healing. Paul had no idea that I was doing healing.

“He also said that my dad was often with me and there is a place in my house where he would sit and we could smell tobacco. Nobody smokes in our house and I can sense that there is someone there and I smell tobacco. My son has smelled it too.

“Once he said to me, ‘Have you had someone in here smoking?’

“I told him, ‘No, it’s your granddad!’”

Other attendees at Senior Citizens’ Week told PN that it had been a week of exceptional evidence from all the mediums, with many remarking on an outstanding demonstration by Eileen Davies, given at the Sunday service.


AFC jubilee pic2

In jubilant spirits: Arthur Findlay College students, tutors and staff on Senior Citizens’
Week celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in style at Stansted Hall.


Earlier in the week, AFC general manager Tanya Smith and her staff had organised a surprise ’50s-themed party in honour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

More than a hundred students, staff and tutors packed the college dining room to enjoy traditional British party food and music from the 1950s, along with a royal quiz devised and compered by Tanya. Tanya told PN: “The rain might have changed our plans to have the party outside in the courtyard but it didn’t dampen spirits here. The surprise party was one of the best-kept college secrets and worth all the effort when we saw the happy faces of the students and tutors having lots of fun.

“They were amazed to see the dining room adorned with festive bunting, Union Jacks, napkins, party hats, table cloths and party poppers, and a right royal feast was had by all!

“Minister Eric Hatton described his excitement at the surprise party. He knew nothing about it until he came to the dining room for lunch.

“So many staff got involved in the organisation and they too joined in with the party, much to the delight of the students.”

Prizes were awarded to the student table that scored the highest marks in the royal quiz, after which people danced and sang along to ’50s songs.

Tanya said, “Despite the rain outside, the party made everyone smile and that made it all worthwhile.”

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