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The amazing light phenomena of Stephen Turoff

Stephen Turoff has been a spiritual healer for over 40 years. During that time he’s achieved near-legendary status in his field, attracting the attention of both international media and a string of distinguished clients. He’s also been the subject of numerous television programmes.

Celebrity clients aside, by far the greatest amount of Stephen’s time is spent running healing clinics for people in need around the world, hundreds of thousands of whom have benefited from his renowned ability.

Despite the extraordinary results he’s achieved over the years (his testimonials are glowing and numerous), he makes no outlandish claims for his abilities, nor does he label himself as having any religious allegiance.

Stephen Turoff light

“God is beyond religion,” he says. “Religion is not much to do with God, it’s everything to do with man, because there are more rules and regulations to live by. If we could do away with all that and just have human values and morality, we would be well on the way to becoming spiritualised.”

There’s something slightly hypnotic about his face – an indefinable ‘magnetism’ that draws you. His reported gifts are many, and include not only dramatic healings but transfiguration, dematerialisation of his body in broad daylight, bilocation (being in two places at once), speaking in foreign languages unknown to him, and the manifestation of remarkable light phenomena, about which a new book has just been published.

Titled In the Light of God, it includes a remarkable array of photos showing the various colour and light phenomena that occur around Stephen as he works. These have been happening to him for more than twenty years.

“One day I came into the surgery and went to put on my clean white clothes and I noticed big pink stains on them,” he explains. “So I said to my wife that she must have put them in the wash with something else and the colour had run. She wasn’t very happy with me!

“Then we noticed that every time I showered, the water would hit me and turn pink. Then, when people were coming to me, their clothes would turn pink and stay pink – even the buttons. Even a couple of months ago I was putting some clean sheets on the bed in our teaching centre and people were there and they could see this beautiful pink haze all over them.”

Stephen Turoff hands

Eight years ago, Stephen opened a new UK centre in Chelmsford, Essex, known as the Ministry of Enlightenment. “Basically it’s to help people to realise their potential,” he says. “We have two dormitories and can take about twenty people. There’s also a swimming pool and a tennis court.”

A typical day starts with some early morning Yoga, after which Stephen personally cooks a vegetarian breakfast for everyone before the teaching sessions begin.

In addition to Core Training – a five-month programme for those looking to deepen their spiritual experience and self-mastery, Stephen’s about to launch a range of new workshops, including Developing the Light Body. This will be backed by hundreds of pictures of light phenomena, and by Stephen’s recently published new book on that subject.
    (Click to enlarge)

The book, compiled by Susanne Albinger and Freddy Larsen, contains 60 full-colour pictures taken by many different photographers around the world. A whole range of different cameras has been used, from basic mobile phones to high-quality digital models. They’ve captured shots showing phenomena from coloured lights to transfiguration, from dematerialisation of Stephen’s hand (pictured above) to a full halo around his head (pictured on page 14). Of this last one, he jokes – “I have had the initials ST (Saint) for 64 years. It’s now about time I received the halo to go with it!”

Further new workshops will cover The Energies of ‘The New Age’ and Intensifying your Healing Abilities. Nett proceeds from these workshops are used to fund The Homeless Café, a charitable project set up by Stephen, to which he’s passionately committed.

“We run a day centre for homeless people so they can come in get out of the cold, have breakfast, and then later they get a very large dinner, like a roast or something,” he says. “It’s open six days a week.

“We’ve also just got a first flat so we can rent the rooms out to the homeless. They’ve got no chance of renting a room. First of all they’ve got no deposit; then they’ve got nowhere to live so they can’t get an address, and people don’t seem to want homeless people in their homes. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we’ll have people in the flat. God’s been very good to me. You’ve got to give a bit back.”

• Look out for our November issue, when Sue Farrow will interview Stephen Turoff about his extraordinary experiences of bilocation. She’ll also be speaking to people in the UK and other countries who’ve witnessed this extremely rare phenomenon.

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