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 Reconnecting with your true life purpose – are you attuned to your SOUL PLAN?

Blue Marsden

I’m sitting in a quiet room with Hay House author Blue Marsden, who’s about to give me a soul plan reading. What’s that? I hear you wondering. Well, I confess it’s a new one on me.

I spend most of my working days with mediums, psychics, spiritual healers, complementary health practitioners, psychic artists, tarot readers, palmists, astrologers and all manner of esoteric workers, but a soul plan reading is a first for me, and I tell Blue so.

He’s unfazed, and explains: “This method accesses the vibration in your birth name to determine your entire soul plan.”

Though I never give personal information to a medium before a sitting, I’ve reluctantly decided that I have to concede the point in this case and give Blue-the-Soul Plan-reader my full birth name. I’m keen to know if I’m on message (‘aligned’ in the official jargon) with this soul plan of mine, and apparently that can’t be determined without my full name.

I’ve spent some time poring over Blue’s recently published book, Soul Plan. It’s been a big hit in the spiritual market – a top-seller in ‘divination’ categories in the USA and Canada, and on Amazon.

In Japan, where Blue has recently been training new soul plan readers, it was awarded ‘Number 1’ status in the New Age and Spirituality category. This doesn’t surprise me, because Japan is currently the number one growth country for all things spiritual.

I begin by asking Blue how he got into this unusual spiritual art.

Soul Plan book

“I can trace it back to an anonymously authored book called, an ancient text which has influenced alchemy, the western mystery magic tradition, Kabala and so on. It’s one of those books that’s written in an almost poetic way, a bit like some of the Taoist texts. In that book is the link with all these energies.

“In 1980 Frank Alpa, who wrote the trilogy Discovering Atlantis, exploring Atlantis, channelled a system based around this star. He called it the Numerology of Moses. It linked to different energies, of competition, completeness, creativity and so on. One energy is linked to the sun.

“I was introduced to Frank’s Numerology while I was working on sound healing, and had been having some interesting experiences in which Sanskrit words and some Hebrew words came through spontaneously during my meditation practice. I had always had an interest in Judaism and Jewish mysticism, so I got in touch with Frank.”

“Was it the sound aspect that drew you because of your sound healing and your experiences with sound?” I ask.  “Yeah”, says Blue, “but the numerology was very biblical in the way it was presented, so over the last fourteen years or so I’ve been modernising it and putting it into a system which can be used by therapists.”

Getting down to business, Blue hands me a sheet of paper bearing a print-out of something resembling a Star of David (pictured below). “But it’s also an ancient symbol which you’d see in many Indian temples, and comes up in most cultures,” he says.

“It depicts two intersecting triangles. One is pointing downwards towards the earth, and the other is pointing upwards towards the heavens, towards the spirit.

Star of David

“There are a number of intersections and they represent different aspects of incarnate life. The downward triangle is called the ‘worldly aspect’ because it’s pointing downwards, and tends to affect people especially in their first 30 to 40 years of life.

“Some people might have a healing crisis, for example, and the spiritual aspect begins to become more important to them. The inner life begins to affect the outer life.

“Then in the centre we have the soul destiny, which is, if you like, the alchemical mix of the two [triangles], and this is really who you are, essentially. As you align through your soul plan, you step more and more into this soul destiny.”

Blue tells me he will usually start a reading by talking about these different aspects, beginning with the worldly aspect. This, he explains, is because most people, even if they’re not aligned with their soul plan, will recognise some of the challenges it presents.

“If people have aligned with their soul plan, they’ll probably have moved through a lot of those challenges and begun to turn them around and make them work as talents. Then I’ll talk about the talents – the things that come more easily, the goals you’ve had in the world. Then the spiritual aspect and then the overall soul purpose and how that all ties in.

“Then I’d usually give people an opportunity to ask questions and then as an optional extra, soul plan healing. Because a person has come for a soul plan, and they’re hearing this information that is going in at a deep level, it’s possible that just by virtue of that, certain blockages can leave, and that’s facilitated, partly, by having the reading. But there’s actually a process by which the reader will tune in and have a look at what’s been going on in the soul plan. They’ll put out the intention for some of those old redundant patterns to be cleared.

“Frank channelled some symbols to go with this system, each representing a different type of energy that we can have in the world, a different type of experience. Each of these different energies we’ll have in different positions. The energies for the worldly talent for example” – Blue indicates a relevant symbol – “will come easily to you, Sue.

“in the centre we have the
soul destiny, which is,
if you like, the alchemical
mix of the two [triangles],
and this is really who you
are, essentially. As you align
through your soul plan, you
step more and more into
this soul destiny.”


The symbol of fertility in abundance, duplicating itself again and again, would have been more difficult. This symbol, spiritually or in everyday life, could generate, for example, some ups and downs in fortune, more so than for most people, so there may have been times where they received quite a lot of blessings, but then there could be times of lack or loss. You’ve got this energy within you, but initially it was a problem. There’s been a need for balance. Some experience, either very early in life or maybe through a relationship, is a betrayal of trust, and has set up a pattern which can then generate the same again in different ways, until it’s overcome.”

About a numerical symbol I say: “It’s probably too early to ask, what’s the four, four for?” Blue explains:“It relates to a Hebrew letter, darled. The sound vibration of your name is put into the sacred languages, Hebrew. Hebrew is a phonetical language with 22 letters, each with an associated number. So the number and the letter are the same: darled is four, four in Hebrew. From an overview of the soul plan I can see that you are a high frequency, or advanced soul, with the energies of acceptance, and of completion, so you’re very complete as a soul. When that is the case, just the idea of incarnating into a separate identity can be particularly difficult for people who are very complete as souls, because there is such a sense of unity at the same time; and that can sometimes cause a feeling of being abandoned.

“Abandonment or trust scenarios can play out and be part of the challenge that you’ve come in with, so you may well have had some times where things were really flowing for you, but then more barren periods. Ultimately it’s about acceptance of the cycle of life, that winter comes but then spring and everything flows again, and the more that that’s accepted, the more the difficult scenarios become less.

“To overcome challenges, you have to use your worldly talents. There are two symbols, one of which is four arrows coming down into a box, representing spiritual energy coming down into a physical space. This means that you have the ability to bring spiritual energy down into something tangible: a lot of writers have this. It’s accompanied by a symbol which is the masculine aspect of the divine, associated in the west with archangel Michael. This in a soul plan denotes healing, and indicates that you are here to be of service, that you can affect other people’s lives in a positive way.

“If people have aligned
with their soul plan,
they’ll probably have
moved through a lot
of those challenges
and begun to turn
them around and
make them work
as talents”


“If you want to get something done, you’ll find a way: it’s quite an unstoppable energy. like a steely serpent. It’s also a very spiritual service energy of power and protection that allows you to do pretty much what you want in the world. However there won’t necessarily have been any worldly goal in a normal sense, as your goal was to be of service, so the spiritual aspect will be significant. If you really want to, you could connect with channelling ability as well.

“Moving to the spiritual aspect, what is indicated is someone who’s the link in a chain, drawing other people to them. Even though you have this kind of magnetic quality within you, because this is a magnetic energy, and you’ve got it in the spiritual challenge position, there will have been actually a resistance to drawing people to you, to going out and connecting with people. There has been some experience of the energies of isolation. Some who have such a service capacity are conscious of this resistance, would rather have been a hermit, and not had to deal with people, but they’ll usually have got past it.”

I don’t recognise myself in that, I tell Blue. I’ve never really had the urge to shut up and isolate myself. I do love peace – escape to the countryside occasionally, but the rest of the time I seem to be very interactive. 

“Well you will be,”  Blue replies. “That’s partly because in your talents you’ve got the energies of oratorship, so it’s a flip-side type of energy. But it’s also because, on the soul level, you’re here to be of service, so that means you’re going to be engaging with people. But there has been some isolation experience.” I reply that I can accept that, though not quite in the context Blue has given.

Blue says that someone with quite strong service abilities might have had a past life with a lot of spiritual talents which were not used, so in this life being able to work with teams uses a kind of networking energy. I have to do a lot of that. Blue says: “You have so much creative potential that you can get interested in many different things and you are at risk of being distracted. Your goal is to learn to focus.”

I ask if we are now talking about a symbol in the challenge position?

“That symbol is almost like a dominant vibration for you, but with it are two bodies of water, symbolising water and wisdom, the divine mother energies at your core. Your soul destiny is to step into the divine mother energies and the more you align with your soul plan, the more you step into those energies.”

It’s been an interesting experience, this soul plan reading. I don’t pretend to understand what it’s all about – but I’m all for new experiences.


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