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Katie Nicholl: astounded by accuracy of medium’s message (Photo: Nick Wainwright)

Katie Nicholl: astounded by accuracy of medium’s message (Photo: Nick Wainwright)
Royal biographer pays tribute to Gordon Smith

KATIE NICHOLL, the author and Daily Mail royal correspondent, has twice had sittings with Gordon Smith (see pages 18-21) and is impressed with the accuracy of his readings.

She tells Sophie Goddard, whose report “Why are women like you turning to psychics?” is published in the August issue of the women’s style magazine Grazia, that she has always believed that some people can see the future and connect with the spiritual world.

As a young, ambitious journalist keen to know where her career was heading, Nicholl decided in 2008 to have a sitting with Gordon. She explains that she knew he had an incredible gift and had read for famous and powerful people. He knew nothing about her as she had booked the sitting using only her first name.

Hannah Rothschild wrote a novel on psychic’s advice  (Photo: John Racine)   

Hannah Rothschild wrote a
novel on psychic’s advice

(Photo: John Racine)

“Within minutes of sitting down, he told me that my career would involve writing books. He said he saw me standing at a party in New York. In 2010 my first book, William and Harry, was published and I remember being at my book launch in Manhattan, astounded at how accurate Gordon had been.”

In the same year, Nicholl’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and “my world fell apart”. She felt an overwhelming need to see Gordon again, so booked a further sitting.

“Your mother has an illness down her left side,” the medium told her as soon as she arrived. “But don’t worry – she’s going to be OK.”

The relief she experienced on hearing that was “immense”. She adds that she doesn’t live her life by psychics, but she finds readings comforting.

“I recently flicked through an old journal and discovered that during my first ever reading, Gordon mentioned Roald Dahl’s Matilda. I hadn’t remembered him saying this, but my heart skipped a beat. Matilda, my daughter, is now three.”

Nicholl, regarded by many as the UK’s leading royal expert, has since written two more books: The Making of a Royal Romance and Kate: the Future Queen.

Goddard also told the story of Hannah Rothschild, chairwoman of the National Gallery, who followed a psychic’s advice to write a novel which earlier this year won a prestigious award (full story in PN August 2016). 

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